June 18, 2024

A Rainy Evening at the Taipei 101 Observatory in Taiwan

Despite the heavy rain, we still decided to push through with our scheduled tour of Taiwan‘s tallest skyscraper Taipei 101. The tower is in the Xinyi District in Taipei, around an hour away from our hostel (FlipFlop Hostel) in Datong District. Thankfully, my travel buddy Ian is super efficient and awesome when it comes to directions and reading signs. So we were able to reach our destination without any incident. There was one problem, however. It didn’t stop raining!

Check out these photos of our trip to the world’s tallest green building and find out why you should book a trip to this lovely destination now!

A Rainy Introduction

It rained the whole time but it didn’t stop us. The show must go on!

Damp streets of Taipei

Taipei 101 Mall

Entrance to the Taipei 101 Mall. The tower has a lifestyle component that houses numerous restaurants, service centers, cafes, and clubs.

The gorgeous Taipei 101 as seen from the street below.

Guests queuing up for a ticket to the observatory.

Fancy ceiling design featuring some of Taiwan’s most important districts.

Guests marvel at the curved projection screens at the ticketing area.

After securing tickets, it was time to head to the high-speed elevators that took us to the indoor observatory on the 89th’s floor. The elevators only took 37 seconds to get to the top. That’s really fast!

A scale model of the tower and the complex below it.

This screen gives visitors a glimpse of the view at different times.

Visitors checking out the souvenir shops at the observation deck.

Map of the 37th floor where the 238-ton Tuned Mass Damper is located.

The giant tuned mass damper acts like a pendulum and helps protect the tall building against violent shakes like earthquakes.

Quick photo op before taking the elevator back to the ground floor.

We ended the night with a much-needed dinner of pork and vegetables at the food court below the tower. Looks good, right?

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