June 18, 2024
LEY - BE Grand Resort Bohol

BE Grand Resort Bohol: A Breathtaking Escape in Panglao

To be completely honest, I didn’t know about Be Grand Resort Bohol before this visit. But then again, I don’t frequent the island of Bohol even though it’s where some cousins live. All I know is that Cebu has its own BE Resort (I’ve never been there). So when I learned that the BE brand has a property in Panglao, Bohol, I really did expect much. I’ve seen photos of their resort in Mactan. And although a lot of people say that it is nice, I think that it looks a bit cramped because of how small the beach area is.

So imagine how my jaw dropped when I was finally able to explore BE Grand Resort in Bohol. ‘Amazed’ is really an understatement. If ‘blown away’ could be literal, I’d probably have a broken rib, a bloody nose, and some third-degree burns. It’s that mind-blowing!

We arrived in Panglao, Bohol just before lunch. As expected, since we were all very hungry, we were taken straight to the resort’s main restaurant. Before we go there, however, let’s take a look at their beautiful lobby.

I love how they made use of wooden furniture and elements in different parts of the lobby. The seats, sofas, tables, dividers, and chandeliers were all made of wood. Lovely!

Now, this piece of furniture is quite interesting. It’s a ‘chair’ but it looks (and acts) like a top. Super fun if you know how to use it! I gave it a try and it was fantastic!

From the lobby, we got our first glimpse of the expansive property. Would you look at that!

Afterwards, we were taken one floor down for our lunch. As expected, I forgot to take photos of the food because I was very hungry.

I was able to take, however, a couple of photos of the amazing view from the restaurant. I could stare at this view forever. If escaping from all the bustle and hustle is what’s on your mind, this view alone can already solve that!

After our filling lunch, it was finally time to check out our rooms! Here is a view of the rooms and open spaces inside the building complex.

Take a look at our room! I totally love the color scheme and the overall vibe. If the view outside wasn’t as amazing, I would have stayed inside the whole time!

Our room had its very own balcony, too. So we got a great view of the swimming pool below.

From our room, we could also see the children’s pool and the ‘lazy river’ designed for the villas.

I really love how they give their guests reusable tumblers instead of just a bottle of water or a glass. This is so cool! Good job, Be Grand Resort Bohol!

After relaxing in our room for a bit, and since call time was an hour away, I decided to explore the resort. Let’s go!

This is what the main pool looks like from this angle. Also, with all the lights, the main lobby building looks so pretty from here.

Here’s a closer look at the lobby and the restaurant below. This looks even better in the evening, too!

In this photo, you can see the accommodation complex within the resort. Our room is somewhere on the second floor close to the stairs.

This one is the children’s pool, which is sitting right next to the main pool. It’s very shallow and has different elements that kids will surely enjoy.

A few steps away from the main and children’s pools, you will find the villas. Guests occupying the villas are so lucky because they have their very own ‘lazy river’ just behind their units. Look how gorgeous that looks!

So imagine opening your back door and seeing this view. What a genius idea! The next time I go back, I swear I’m gonna stay in one of these villas! (wishful thinking!)

The ‘river’ snakes around a big portion of the property. This means that all of the resort’s villas have ample space to access the river.

And in front of the units, the resort has well-manicured pocket gardens, loungers, resting nooks, pathways, open spaces, and other amenities to make the guests’ stay even more relaxing and memorable. Of course, there’s the beach just beyond the gardens.

Near the edge of the main building, the resort has set aside a big open space for events, picnics, and other activities. I really love resorts with big open spaces for outdoor fun.

That evening, I went back to that same spot and noticed this beautiful garden of LED roses. How mesmerizing.

And of course, I didn’t let this chance pass me by. Say cheese!

Also, we were informed that dinner would be served at the beach. Oh, wow!

Look how pretty the set-up is! It’s just like in the movies! I wonder what’s for dinner!

And just a few minutes later, food was served! For dinner, we had different boodle servings containing seafood, pork bbq, green mango, lumpia, rice, and more!

And when you’re dining with bloggers and members of the media, you know what happens just before the first bite.

And finally, after a long wait, it was time to enjoy our dinner! Let’s eat!

Indeed, Be Grand Resort Bohol is nothing short of amazing. If you’re looking for a spot in Bohol where you could just unwind while enjoying amazing amenities, excellent rooms, and picture-perfect views, this one’s definitely it! Go ahead and give it a try!

So, that’s it. Good night, everyone! And see you in my next adventures!

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