January 19, 2022
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My First-Ever Hostel Experience at Flip Flop Hostel Garden in Taipei

I must admit, I’ve never stayed at a hostel before. I’m not saying I’m a very well-traveled man. But here in the Philippines, where the chances of staying at a hostel when visiting different islands are quite high, my score is a big, round zero. In Vietnam, where I settled for around a year, I stayed at both a hotel and an actual house. And in Korea, where my entire office went for the holidays in 2017, we stayed at an Airbnb house. So, my stay at the Flip Flop Hostel Garden in Taipei was my first hostel experience ever.

During my trip to Taiwan with Ian, I must say that I didn’t do a single thing when it came to bookings and planning. Ian did everything – including booking our accommodation. I actually didn’t know where we were staying up until our driver dropped us off right in front of the Flip Flop Hostel Garden building in Chang’an Road in Taipei. Although surprised, I was actually very pleased and relieved at the same time. For a first-time hostel experience, I had a strong feeling that I was going to enjoy my stay at Flip Flop Hostel Garden.

Flip Flop Hostel Garden

Flip Flop Hostel Garden is a popular hostel brand in Taiwan. Considered one of the most trusted names among foreign backpackers and hostel patrons, Flip Flop Hostel offers clean, safe, and affordable accommodation for tourists and travelers.

Since we booked online, checking in was a breeze. We simply had to present our passport and fill up a couple of sheets of paper. A couple of minutes later, we were told that our room was ready for us! Great!

This is what the main hostel lobby looked like. Because of the unique design of the boxes, the lobby can transform into a classroom, a dance studio, a coffee shop, and even a mini bazaar.

That’s me with my first-ever solo shot in Taipei, Taiwan taken immediately after we arrived at the hostel.

Why I Loved Flip Flop Hostel

The nice thing about Flip Flop Hostel is that it is very safe and secure. At night, even without security guards or personnel at the front desk, guests have to tap their key cards on a receiver at the door to gain entry.

Another good thing that I loved about Flip Flop Hostel Garden is that it is not the typical traveler’s hotel/hostel. The building design is spectacular and the accents and art pieces inside are just totally awesome.

Also, the hostel has a lot of open spaces and green elements which help make the whole place look fresh, light, and positive.

The Hostel Experience

This was the room that we booked. It’s a bit small but this was actually already quite huge for hostel accommodation. Usually, hostels are communal or dorm-type and guests get to share dorm rooms with complete strangers. This one is exclusive to us. Showers and toilets, however, are two doors down. That means you share them with the rest of the guests on the same floor.

This open area next to the kitchen was pretty cute. In this area, guests can do basically whatever they want. The usual activities that are done here, however, include yoga, studying, reading, sleeping, and playing card games.

A Memorable First Time

For breakfast, guests must personally proceed to the cafe to claim their own food. Here’s Ian waiting for his breakfast.

Breakfast is now ready! Let’s eat!

After a full day outside (check out my Taiwan travel posts HERE, HERE, and HERE), I was surprised to find out that Ian has moved us to a much bigger room. Wow!

This was our new room. We got our own bathroom, too!

For those who are interested, check out these rates for Flip Flop Hostel Garden in Taipei, Taiwan.

If you’re thinking about traveling to Taipei in Taiwan, be sure to book a room at Flip Flop Hostel Garden in Taipei, Taiwan. Highly recommended!

Book your accommodation at 夾腳拖的家 FlipFlopHostel – Garden here: https://goo.gl/wQkYZ7

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