April 21, 2024
LEY - Karst Mountain

Karst Mountain Elephant Cave: A Beautiful Side Attraction

On our way back to Puerto Princesa City from our nerve-wracking Underground River adventure, our guide told us that we were going to have to make a quick stop at a famous Karst Mountain along the way. According to our guide, the spot was famous not only for its natural beauty but also because it was featured in a popular reality TV show.

An Unplanned Stop

A few minutes after informing us, the van stopped at the side of the road. Then, everyone happily got off the van to see the attraction. Honestly, I wasn’t really in the mood for another stop. I wasn’t feeling very well due to the long ride going to the Underground River. And the road to and from the said river wasn’t a walk in the park, either. It was probably one of the scariest boat rides of my life.

It was fortunate, however, that my mom forced me to get off the van. She did it not because she wanted me to see the attraction but because she wanted me to take her photos.

The Karst Mountain of Palawan

The Karst Mountain Elephant Cave is a popular side attraction for tourists visiting the Underground River. The attraction sits right along the highway in Barangay Sabang in Puerto Princesa City. And you don’t have to spend a peso to see the formation.

The Karst Mountain is just one of the numerous natural rock formations in the area. The mountains are framed by lush rice fields and a captivating ocean of mist especially in the earning morning. If you look at it, the formations stand out like mighty giants on a field of green and yellow.

As you might have already guessed, the karst formation looks like an elephant. The massive formation takes the shape of the main body and head of the elephant. The smaller mound next to it looks exactly like the elephants’ curved trunk.

The Elephant Cave can be found on one side of the mountain. Said to be dead, the cave is off-limits to both locals and visitors.

In this photo, you can see two huts sitting close to the mouth of the cave.

The spot appeared twice in the hit reality TV show The Amazing Race due of its undeniable beauty. It was the 11th Leg for The Amazing Race Philippines in 2012 and later the 5th Leg in The Amazing Race Ukraine.

Take a look at more photos from the popular tourist destination. It definitely is a beauty!

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