August 7, 2020

A Memorable Journey to Murcia’s Mambukal Springs

Mambukal Resort is one of the Negros Island Region’s most popular tourist haunts. Situated around 1200 meters above sea level, the resort is perfect for long weekend R and R’s with family and friends. The resort offers both natural and man-made attractions as well as accommodations for adventurers, travelers, and even occasional weekenders.

The resort spans several hectares and offers different facilities like swimming pools, camping grounds, picnic huts, a food court, a boating lagoon, and many more.


The resort houses many interesting structures including this one.


The resort offers different types of accommodation. The most popular of which are these cabins near the woods.


This river runs through the resort and adds beauty to the resort.


A huge lake sits at the heart of the property. The lake is perfect for kayaking and other water activities.


This barricade helps keep the water level in the lake steady.



One thought on “A Memorable Journey to Murcia’s Mambukal Springs

  1. It should be better if local goverment will help promote this one and try to refresh this beautiful place once again and offer more to attract people to come. Since we my friend and I are already in Bacolod, we decided to spent first half of the day at the Mambukal Mountain Resort.

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