April 21, 2024

A Sunny Day in Olango Island in Mactan, Cebu

The Olango Island Group is a group of islands off the main island of Mactan in Cebu. Home to the Earth’s most important mangrove forests, the island is one of the seven major stops in the whole world for migratory birds. Each year, thousands of bird lovers flock to the small island to get a glimpse of all the interesting bird species that temporarily make Olango their home.

The best way to enjoy Olango is to rent or drive a motorbike. Not only is the motorbike cheap and easy to transport, it is also very convenient especially when navigating the island’s narrow community roads.

This member of the boat crew announces the schedule in order to encourage more passengers to hurry up and get a ticket.

My motorbike sitting at the bow of the boat. The island is only 15 minutes from Mactan.

The port of Olango is busy especially near the start and end of a work week.

My motorbike getting unloaded by two porters. Nerve-wracking.

After being safely unloaded, it was time to explore the island.

Unlike mainland Mactan, Olango is quiet and slow.

Aside from the bird sanctuary, Olango also has a hugely popular marine sanctuary.

The long bamboo walkway takes visitors through a mangrove forest and straight towards the edge of the Mactan Channel.

A boat sits near the edge of Olango’s vast mudflats.

The long bamboo walkway offers an impressive view of the channel, the mudflats, and mainland Mactan.

Tourists may take a quick dip in the shallow waters of this marine sanctuary.

A huge bird hides from the heat of the sun at Olango’s bird sanctuary.

Passengers fill a boat bound for Mactan.




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