July 4, 2020

Welcoming the Lunar New Year in Lạng Sơn, Vietnam

After leaving the Mau temple in Đồng Đăng, our group proceeded to yet another temple in Lang Son. Our next stop was the Bac Le Temple. Bac le Temple is another one of the area’s most popular destinations especially during the Lunar New Year. According to my guide Trinh, the place can be so crowded that getting in and out could be such a pain. Thankfully, since this was the second temple that we visited, we arrived late in the afternoon when it was already pretty quiet.

Let me give you a quick tour of the temple. Follow me!


The main entrance to the temple is simple but pretty unique. To reach the main gate, you have to walk a couple of steps up a concrete staircase.


Visitors leaving and entering Bac Le Temple.


Two giant stone dragons sit at both ends of the main entrance to the temple.


I saw these paper horses and people near one of the buildings inside the complex. I’m not sure what they are for but it’s quite evident that they are important to the traditions and practices during the Lunar New Year here in Vietnam.



I entered one of the small rooms and I saw a ‘ceremony’ taking place. When I asked Trinh if it was ok to take photos, she said that it was not a problem.


The ‘altar’ inside the room is very elaborate and very lavish. Coated in gold, the intricate designs and carvings made the piece look amazing.


An old lady sits outside the temple doors while a ceremony is ongoing inside.

We moved to another temple next door and I saw a similar ‘activity’ happening.


This time, however, the ‘priest’ that was leading the ceremony was female. In this photo, she is seen throwing away ‘blessed’ paper bills that the onlookers gladly took.


Trinh and her mom posing at the main entrance.


And then we had this group photo. I’m sure you know who looked so out of place in this photo. Haha.

Stay tuned for my next adventures!!! 🙂


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