February 21, 2024

Tay Ho: An Afternoon at the Biggest Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam

The West Lake (more popularly known as Tay Ho Lake) is one of Hanoi, Vietnam‘s most important tourist and cultural destinations. With a shoreline totaling to approximately 17 kilometers, the lake is considered the biggest lake in the city. Located along its shoreline are several important places of interest such as temples, high-end restaurants, hotels, and botanical gardens.

Since the lake is only 15 minutes away from the Old Quarter (where I usually go on weekends,) I decided to visit and explore the Tay Ho district.

Here are some of my photos. Enjoy!

One of the most popular spots in Tay Ho is the Tran Quoc Pagoda. This beautiful pagoda, which was built in the 6th Century, is considered the oldest in Vietnam.

Unfortunately, I arrived rather late. The pagoda gates close at around 5:00 pm.

Check out this wonderful view of the Hanoi skyline as seen from outside the pagoda gates.

A closer look at the modern and traditional structures around the West Lake.

One of the area’s most striking structures – the Hanoi Club.

Crossing the street towards the other side of the lake.

A familiar sight. Hey, it’s Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!

Made it to the other side of the lake. (Crossing streets in Hanoi is a bit nerve-wracking. Hehe)

View of the lake and another island with a temple.

The beautiful bridge to the temple. (Of course, I couldn’t get in because it was already past 5 pm.)

Love birds enjoying a swan boat ride in West Lake.

A small crowd gathers around a ‘giant’ friendly dog that isn’t scared of people.

This man enjoys an afternoon of freshwater fishing.

More swan boats in West Lake.


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