June 3, 2023
LEY Wen Wu Temple Taiwan

Reflections and Introspections at the Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple

Our unexpected trip to the Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple in the Yuchi Township was one of our most memorable stops in Taiwan. You see, our week-long trip in Taiwan was always busy and noisy. We were always in a hurry and we basically only had time to think about things when it was time for bed. There was always a bus to catch, or a tour schedule that we shouldn’t miss, or a train ride that we’ve already paid for. In short, there was no time to slow down, relax, and just have some quiet time with ourselves. And it is for this exact reason that the temple visit proved to be great and truly memorable.

Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple

The quick stop was also very opportune because it suddenly stopped raining. So, we were able to explore the temple a little more freely. (Read about our very wet visit to the National Palace Museum.)

The Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple is very close to the Sun Moon Lake. According to a Wiki article, a Wenwu temple is a temple that honors two gods in one complex.

Three Main Halls

The temple complex is made up of three main halls. Each hall is accessible through a very elaborate stone staircase. Along the way, you will also see very interesting sculpture and religious pieces.

The first hall was made in honor of the First Ancestor Kaiji and the God of Literature.

Going further up, you will reach the second hall. This hall is dedicated to Guan Gong, the God of War, and the warrior-God Yue Fei.

Appreciating the beauty and the amazing details of the halls. It was also a perfect time to just sit down, pray, reflect, and introspect.

The last hall is dedicated to Confucius. Like the other two halls, the details were just mind-blowing.

Here is a view of the other structures within the complex as well as the stand where incense sticks are lit.

Gold Lanterns

These gold lanterns can be found is many parts of the temple. Visitors can purchase one write a short note or prayer, and hang it.

While waiting for my friend Ian, I sat in one corner and just enjoyed a quiet but very rewarding time. It gave me a chance to have a clearer view of things. it also gave me a chance to snap this photo.

Amazing Stone Sculptures at the Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple

Take a look at some of the many stone sculptures which can be found all over the complex. These pieces are not short of exquisite.

Finally, I reached the very top part of the complex where a huge stone facade can be seen. Behind it is a wonderfully-manicured landscape.

Quick shot at the structure before the rain starts. This is obviously a sign to finally move on to the next stop.

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