June 18, 2024

Up in the Clouds on The Sun Moon Lake Ropeway in Taiwan

Right after our fun bicycling adventure around the Sun Moon Lake, we were off to another popular tourist stop. We all got on our tour van and made a quick drive to Zhongzheng Road which was still in the Yuchi Township in Nantou County. During the short ride, our guide informed us that we were going to experience the famous Sun Moon Lake Ropeway-a popular cable car service that connects the Sun Moon Lake with the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village theme park. This was my second cable car experience (after the short one in Everland in South Korea) so I wasn’t very nervous. I was extremely excited, however, because I heard that the view of the lake from the top was out of this world.

The Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Experience

After a few minutes, our tour van pulled up in front of the main Ropeway building.

It had been raining hard since we left Sun Moon Lake so I was kinda worried that we wouldn’t see anything on top.

Take a look at the gondolas. They look pretty cool. Some of them have glass floors, too. Isn’t that just crazy?

Because of the heavy rain, the line at the Ropeway wasn’t too long. (The other tourists are probably stuck in other nearby tourist attractions.) So, less than 30 minutes later, it was finally our turn to get inside one of these gondolas. Exciting!

I wasn’t feeling anything while waiting in line. But as the ride was slowly rising, I started to feel nervous. This was definitely a lot taller (and longer) than the one we had in Korea.

And we’re going up! Even with all the rainwater covering the glass, the view still looks really wonderful! What a lovely sight!

I was beginning to worry that I wouldn’t be able to get a good shot. But all of a sudden, for just a couple of minutes, the weather miraculously improved and I was able to take this shot. Isn’t that just amazing?

The rest of the trip was spent in amazement and wonder as our gondola slowly moved through clouds and fog. It was a truly beautiful experience that I would never soon forget.

Post-Ropeway Meal

Several minutes later, we were finally back on the ground and enjoying this wonderful view of the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village theme park next door.

You know what they say about rain and food!

When I saw a booth selling corndogs and ice cream, I couldn’t stop myself. I thought it was a magnificent pairing. Especially in this very cool weather.

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