January 19, 2022

Night Shopping and Binge Eating at the Shilin Night Market in Taipei

One of the last places that we visited during our Great Taiwan trip was the Shilin Night Market in Taipei’s Shilin District. The Shilin Night Market is considered one of the most popular spots in the city when it comes to food and shopping. It is also the perfect destination for both locals and visitors who want to enjoy Taiwan’s amazing food selections and shopping choices.

Shilin Night Market

The night market is not very close to the Main Station (which was only a block away from our hostel). But thanks to my friend Ian’s amazing research and social skills, we were able to find the right train, the right exits, and the right streets which led us straight to it.

The Shilin Night Market is a district with blocks of stores that remain open even during the evening. What makes the Shilin Night Market special, however, is the fact that even locals themselves patronize the district. They go to Shilin for food binges and for shopping for imported goods.

The streets of Shilin are festive and full of life so shopping is always fun and exciting.

Dining Experience at Shilin

During our visit, we decided to visit several restaurants in the area. We wanted to get a clearer look at the dining experience that visitors can expect at Shilin.

We picked a small, red restaurant which serves sizzling dishes and piping hot soup. It was perfect for such a cold and rainy night.

After eating, it was time to continue exploring the market. We saw a lot of stores like this one which sells a gazillion cute items that are perfect for pasalubong for family and friends.

Several blocks later, we found another row of food vendors selling delicious-looking street food. We couldn’t resist!

We wanted to explore the place even more despite the weather. It rained non-stop and we had to spend a lot of time trapped in one store so we don’t get wet.

A Fortunate Stop

One of our ‘fortunate’ stops was this candy store that sells interesting-looking candies which we thought were perfect as gifts. This was where we ended up spending most of our remaining time. Too many things to buy and taste!

If you’re thinking of traveling to Taipei in Taiwan, be sure to visit the Shilin Night Market in the Shilin District for all your shopping, dining, and pasalubong needs.

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