June 18, 2024

Seoul on Foot: Exploring the Capital City of South Korea

On our last day in South Korea, I decided to not focus on a specific tourist spot. Knowing that locales are better when experienced on foot, I decided to instead explore Seoul and just take photos of things that I see along the way. This turned out to be a good decision as Seoul is such a gorgeous city and there are basically tons to see and shoot.

Here are some of my photos of my exploration of Seoul – South Korean’s gorgeous capital city.

Exploring Seoul, South Korea

A lazy afternoon in a park near Kintex (Korea International Exhibition Center in Goyang, South Korea. Note that Goyang is basically 23 kilometers from Seoul. I just wanted to share this to show you just how nice the local neighborhood and community streets are.

A gigantic gold figure sits on the foyer area of the Novotel Suites Ambassador Seoul Yongsan.

The Novotel Suites Ambassador Seoul Yongsan is one of Yongsan’s most popular all-suite hotels.

The “Spring” sculpture in Seoul, which was created by Coosje Van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg, features a spiral purple shell sitting on a patch of grass.

Seoul has wide, clean, and well-maintained roads. And these are matched with wide, clean, and well-maintained sidewalks.

Seoul’s clean and wide roads are big enough even when vehicles are parked on both sides.

A busy day in one of Seoul’s most important districts.

A commuter heads towards the subway using the steps and not the escalator.

Huge, led screens can be seen in various parts of Seoul in South Korea.

Affordable bikes for rent are available all over the city.

Seoul Station is the starting point of most trains traveling to different parts of the country.

The high rises near Gwanghwamum Square.

View of the Gwanghwamum Square which features the statue of Admin Yi Sun-sin.

The pedestrian sky bridge not only serves as a crossway but also as a beautiful park.

View of Seoul’s streets as seen from the sky bridge.

The sky bridge has benches, cafes, viewing decks, and lots of greens.

Seoul’s multi-lane streets make daily travel quick and easy.

The beautiful road system in Seoul, South Korea has designated lanes for public transport.

View of the busy junction at night.


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