June 18, 2024
- Bac Ninh Street Scene

Walking Around Bac Ninh City in Northern Vietnam

The City of Bac Ninh in northern Vietnam is a pretty small city. Located 30 minutes from the capital city of Hanoi, Bac Ninh is home to some of the country’s most important cultural and traditional gems. As one of Vietnam’s newest cities, Bac Ninh is still grappling with modernization while also being culturally-rich and historically-important.

The City of Bac Ninh

Despite its relatively small size, Bac Ninh is still actually pretty massive and expansive. Walking around, however, is not a problem at all. With such amazing local colors and interesting sceneries, achieving tens of thousands of steps would seem like a literal walk in the park. Take a look at some of the scenes that will greet you when you go strolling around the lovely city of Bac Ninh.

It is quite common to see ladies in nón lá or conical hat walking around or driving their motorbikes while selling fresh produce or various kinds of merchandise.

One of the many things that surprised me during one of my walking tours is the presence of a Catholic Church in the city. I was so happy!

They actually also have a Christmas Tree with matching Christmas designs.

Life in Bac Ninh

One of my most favorite spots in Bac Ninh is its local market which is just two blocks from my house. The market is full of life and, if you’re a foodie, a true gold mine.

This portion of the market is very busy during meal hours. A lot of locals prefer to eat here than in fast-food restaurants.

Consuming these local treats can need some getting used to. But once you start enjoying them, you will find out that it is actually possible to eat them every single day.

This lady decided to rest on the side of the road next to her mobile flower store.

I’m not exactly sure what she is doing. But I’m guessing she is applying some liquid solution to her hair. I saw a few couple more ladies doing this during my stay in the country.

Bac Ninh can be quite hectic during the day. But at night, once the clock hits nine, things will really begin to slow down.

I was ecstatic when I found out that this thing was sold for only 5,000 vnd. That’s many times cheaper than its counterpart in the Philippines. After the first bite, however, I learned that his was just bread and was not exactly just like the local siopao.

Every community in the city has a pocket park complete with walkways, stationary exercise machines, and benches. It was great!

During peak hours, the Bac Ninh Bus Station can be truly rowdy and busy. During regular working hours, however, things can be pretty quiet and slow.

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