June 18, 2024

My Super Cool Detour to Da Lat City in Vietnam

Hanoi can be pretty hot in the summer. Actually, it can get oven-hot. If you can picture that out, then yes, things can get really uncomfortable. So, a day trip to the city of Da Lat was such a welcome treat.

You see, the city of Da Lat, the capital of the Lâm Đồng Province, is known as the City of Eternal Spring for its unique temperate climate. In most parts of Vietnam, you can get extremely hot summers and super cold winters. In Da Lat, however, the temperature remains cool all throughout the year. With lush pine forests, hills, lakes, and waterfalls, the city of Da Lat is often considered an ideal city by a lot of Vietnamese.

Da Lat City

We arrived in the city of Da Lat at around nine in the morning. In Hanoi, 9 am can already be quite draining. In Da Lat, however, the sun was up in the sky but the air was very cool. It was perfect! If I were to compare it to a Philippine city, it would have to be Baguio City in Northern Luzon.

Originally developed as a resort by the French in the early 1900’s, Da Lat has retained its peaceful, fresh, and energetic vibe.

Much like most highland cities in the Philippines, Da Lat offers an amazing view of the neighboring towns and cities below. At 4,900 ft above sea level, it is one of the highest points in Vietnam.

City of Flowers

Da Lat is also often called the City of Flowers because of its rich flower farms and gardens.

Da Lat has many small side streets that house some of the city’s must-discover holes-in-the-wall.

We checked out one quaint Korean restaurant with an amazing view to grab a quick lunch.

Let’s eat!

Exploring Da Lat

The city of Da Lat has several lakes. In fact, a lot of points of interest in Da Lat sit around or near one.

Going further up the hills of Da Lat, you will find some of the city’s high-end and exclusive mountain resorts and villas.

The Terracotta Hotel & Resort Dalat is one of the most prominent mountain resorts in the area.

At exactly 5 pm, we left the resort to head back to the airport. By 9 pm, we were safely back in the city of Bac Ninh, some 40 minutes away from the capital city of Ha Noi.


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