April 21, 2024

A Kid Again at the Amazing Everland Resort in South Korea

One of our most important stops during our great Korea Adventure was the Everland Resort in Gyeonggi in Seoul, South Korea. Everland is a theme park that boasts of dozens of attractions that the whole family will surely enjoy. It is frequented by millions of people each year and is usually included in most Seoul tour packages.

Check out my photos of this gorgeous wonderland that made me feel like a kid all over again!

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Everland Resort

Everland Resort is the biggest and dubbed ‘the best’ theme park in South Korea. Aside from the fun and exciting rides, the park is also home to 150 land and water animals.

One of the park’s biggest highlights is this magnificent man-made tree located near the entrance. I mean, look at that! Who wouldn’t want to have a photo with that?

The park’s ZOOTOPIA is home to a huge collection of cute and lovable animals.

However, the park’s main draw is its amazing themed rooms and rides.

The park’s central square serves as a venue for various huge activities like parades, concerts, and games.

Probably one of the park’s biggest attractions is the T Express, one of the world’s most exciting roller coaster rides!

Of course, I gave the ride a try. Let’s just say I ended up screaming my lungs out. Haha!

Off to ZOOTOPIA for a safari tour!

The safari tour is an amazing adventure that takes spectators to various parts of the zoo on an amphibian.

From inside the vehicle, guests can see a host of exotic, endangered, and fascinating creatures we don’t normally get to see every day.

The park also has numerous cable rides that help transport guests from one part of the park to another.



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