June 18, 2024

Love Locks and Bright Lights at the Namsan Seoul Tower in Seoul, South Korea

One of the many spots that I visited during my trip to South Korea was the hugely popular Namsan Seoul Tower. This tourist spot is gorgeous and is definitely worth a visit when you’re in Seoul. At the based of N Seoul Tower is the Namsan Park — a big open space which is frequented both by locals and tourists as it offers a magnificent view of the city. The N Seoul Tower, on the other hand is one of the highest points in South Korea. At the base of the tower is the world-famous Love Locks gallery where millions of ‘love locks’ can be seen.

My Namsan Seoul Tower Experience

My Namsan experience began at the Seoul Station which served as my starting point. From the station, I walked towards the skybridge which connects the station to the foot of Namsan Park. The walk is quick and easy thanks to Seoul’s very lovely sidewalks, public elevator systems, and a fully-functioning multi-use skybridge.

At the foot of Namsan Park are some of Seoul’s very pretty buildings.

Climb to the Top

Looking up at the staircase which leads to the Namsan Park. How many steps do you think are there?

During my rather slow ascent, I saw several interesting plant species at the side of the stairs. These purple ‘berries’ are lovely.

After several steps, I finally reached the Namsan Park. The view looks lovely from here.

Namsan Park

One of the statues at the Namsan Park. Sorry I wasn’t able to get the name of this statue.

The Namsan Park is perfect for picnics and strolls. The air is perfect and there’s plenty of space to roam around.

An observatory located right next to the Namsan Park.

The Namsan Seoul Tower. So near yet so far.

Before the great ascent, I dropped by this small coffee and snacks bar.

The Namsan Stairs

Next to the bar is the famous Namsan Stairs. Others call it the Samsoon Stairs as it figured prominently in one of the funny scenes in the massive hit My Name is Kim San Soon.

The climb towards the tower is long and hard, but the view is so worth it.

N Seoul Tower

After more than thirty minutes, I finally reached the foot of the tower.

The N Seoul Tower looks beautiful with all its night lights.

After paying the entrance fee and taking a quick elevator ride, I was at the actual observation deck of the N Seoul Tower.

And the view was just fantastic.

This lovers’ tunnel at the foot of the tower is perfect for couples and people who are in love.

Love Locks

Love locks. To ‘prove’ their love for each other, lovers buy a lock, write their names on it, promise each other never-ending love, attach the lock to the gallery, and throw away the key. This symbolizes that their love is now unbreakable and will stay forever.




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