July 3, 2020

Strolling Around Gwanghwamun Plaza

One of the most important areas in Seoul is the Jongno District. It is where you can find the famous Gwanghwamun Plaza — an open space with historical, cultural, and social significance. The plaza houses the statues of Admiral Yi Sun-sin and King Sejong the Great. The plaza also serves as a venue for various social and cultural activities in Seoul. Surrounding the plaza are royal administrative buildings known as Street of Six Ministries.

Here are some the photos that I took during my visit to Gwanghwamun Plaza:

Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Plaza

The statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin stands right in the heart of the park.

A man-made ‘river’ features fresh water flowing over steel markers.

Young artists makings drawings on the ground in front of King Sejong statue.

Enjoying the lovely weather.

One of the most popular structures located close to the plaza is the Kyobo Life Insurance Company.

This building houses at the basement the Kyobo Book Centre, Korea’s biggest book store chain.

The Kyobo Book Centre is open for all. Anyone who wants to read the books on display may do so. They just have to take good care of the books.

– ley

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