June 18, 2024
LEY - Sohoton Cove

Cave Swimming and Cliff Jumping at Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande

I was able to visit the famous Sohoton Cove during one of my pilgrim’s travels to Socorro. Sohoton Cove is located in Bucas Grande Island. However, the island is contiguous with the lone island municipality of Socorro. This explains why people can usually refer to the cove as being situated both in Bucas Grande and in Socorro.

Anyway, during my latest trip to Socorro, our host decided to give us a quick tour of the beautiful islands. One of our stops, of course, was the amazing Sohoton Cove. Take a look!

Exploring Bucas Grande

I snapped this photo minutes before our boat left the port of Socorro. Everyone was excited and was in a good mood. I noticed that some of the people with us had flashlights with them. I thought that was weird.

Along the way, I saw just how lovely Bucas Grande Island really is. The island has numerous smaller uninhabited islands scattered near it.

What makes these smaller islands more captivating is the fact that most of them have pocket white-sand beaches.

I noticed that this beach had a rusty shipwreck. This would probably look great up close.

The rocky island, on the other hand, has a private beach which can only reached using a boat.

Sohoton Cove

Several minutes later, we finally reached the reception area for visitors. After registering, we got off our boat and transferred to an official one that was provided for our group.

Finally, our group was finally on its way to Sohoton Cove.

A few minutes later, we saw a small opening at the bottom of a big rock formation. I actually was puzzled why we were headed towards it.

Then, I realized that there was actually a small opening that would lead us to a beautiful lagoon. According to some locals, the opening becomes impossible to navigate when the tide is really high.

Inside the lagoon, there were many interesting rocks formations to see and enjoy.

Then, after a few minutes, we made another stop. This time, it was in front of yet another cave. It was the Hagukan Sea Cave.

The guide said that we will be swimming inside the cave. And that was when I realized what the flashlights were for.

Cave Swimming

A quick snap before going inside the Hagukan Sea Cave for a quick, cool swim.

Upon entry, you will see many interesting stalactites on the cave’s ceiling.

Inside the cave, it was completely dark. And the only light came from the small cave opening.

Wearing of life vests for ‘non-swimmers’ (like me) is definitely a must!

These are some of our companions enjoying the extra cool water inside the cave.

Everyone enjoyed the refreshing swim. Even our guide swam with us!

I thought we were headed home when the guide announced that we will be making another stop. It was the Magkuku-ob Cavern. This one was a little more challenging.

Just like our previous stop, we went inside a very dark cave for a quick swim. Then, we climbed up through a very narrow opening. A few minutes later, we found ourselves at the very top of the island.

Then, comes the fun and quite nerve-wrecking part – cliff jumping!

Kerstine was very hesitant because like me, she can’t swim. But the other visitors who arrived encouraged her to take that leap.

Long story short, Kerstine did jump. I did, too!. And only because there was no other choice.

Several minutes later, it was time to say goodbye to the Hagukan Sea Cave, the Magkuku-ob Cavern, and of course, the entire Sohoton Cove. We also said goodbye to our new-found friends.

Until we meet again, Sohoton!


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