June 18, 2024
LEY - Gibitngil Island

A Funtastic Experience in Gibitngil Island

The municipality of Medellin in Northern Cebu has a lot of amazing tourist spots. One of them is the beautiful Gibitngil Island. Gibitngil Island is actually an island barangay in Medellin. Located just around 15 minutes from the mainland, the island features a colorful resort that is accessible through the sea. Actively being marketed as “Funtastic Island”, the resort is now considered one of the most exciting must-visit destinations in Northern Cebu. Take a look!

How to Get There

The first thing we did when we arrived in Medellin was to travel to a barangay called Kawit. There, we found a boat that agreed to take us all to the island in one go.

From the beach, Gibitngil Island is already quite visible.

Around ten minutes later, we could already see this populated area of the island. Take a look at the beautiful white-sand beach!

Funtastic Island is located at the ‘back’ part of the island, however. So we had to travel a few minutes more. We passed by this sign which indicated that the area was a protected marine sanctuary.

And several minutes later, we were finally there! Ladies and gentlemen, I present Funtastic Island!

Funtastic Island at Gibitngil

Funtastic Island is known for the cottages on the big rocks which can be seen several meters off the shore. When the place first gained prominence, a lot of people questioned the approval of the construction on the natural formations.

On the main island, several houses sit near the beach. Some residents offer cooking and boating services to visitors.

Funtastic Island as seen from the main island. It looks marvelous.

Several portions of the island are kept untouched. This part in particular looks majestic.

Visitors enjoying the cool water below the gigantic rock formations.

At the topmost part of the biggest rock, a jumping board had been put up. Are you brave enough to take the plunge?

Several island hopping boats dock in front of the rock formations. Aside from swimming and diving, the guests can also enjoy watching the people jumping from the board.

Funtastic Island is connected to the main island of Gibitngil via a series of concrete foot bridges.

Check out the view of Gibitngil Island from the top of the biggest rock. It was nothing short of fantastic.

A brave soul finally jumped into the crystal clear water.

Although I didn’t jump off the board, I still had a pretty amazing time at Gibitngil.

Have you been to Funtastic Island? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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