August 7, 2020

Finding the Hidden Island Resort of Socorro



One of the most popular spots in Surigao del Norte is the Bucas Grande group of islands in the town of Socorro. Located around two hours from the mainland, Bucas Grande is home to the world-reknowned Sohoton Cove, the Cinnamon Island, and the Tojomon Lagoon where the stingless jellyfish can be found.

When in Bucas Grande, one of the spots that you shouldn’t miss is the Hidden Island Resort. Situated in a small cove hidden from where boats normally pass, the resort is a quiet piece of paradise that offers enjoyment and total relaxation. Check out my photos of this must-see gem in Bucas Grande.

Hidden from view, the resort is easy to miss without the expert knowledge of a guide or a local.

First look. The Hidden Island Resort of Bucas Grande.

Upon docking, one gets to see the immense beauty that completely envelops this lovely resort.

The rooms rest on the edge of the islets and face the other surrounding islands.

The well-maintained fish cages below the rooms give the resort a more exotic feel.

View of nearby islands

A long covered walkway serves as one of the resort’s most impressive features.

View of Hidden Island Resort’s long jetty and viewing platform.

A portion of the long walkway which was destroyed by typhoon Yolanda.

Rock formations serve as natural interior design for the resort’s restaurant.

The restrooms, as well as all other amenities are carefully integrated into the natural landscape.

Fish cages below the covered walkway



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