February 21, 2024

One with Nature at Eden Nature Park in Davao City

One of Davao City‘s most popular tourist destinations is the EDEN Nature Park and Resort. The famous park is located in Barrio Eden in Toril, Davao City. The park offers unique extreme adventure activities and affordable accommodations. Also, the park has an aviary, a mini zoo, and a restaurant that offers diners an amazing view of Davao City. Additionally, the park has lots of outdoor spots that give guests a chance to de-stress and relax.

Check out my photos of the park below.

Eden Nature Park and Resort

Big Open Spaces

Eden Nature Park and Resort has plenty of big open spaces.

The resort also has rooms and accommodations surrounded by tall trees and greens.

Pine-Lined Road and Accommodations

For lovers of birds and other animals, the resort also has an aviary and a mini zoo.

The resort is also a protected animal shelter. So, it is common to see wild animals roaming around the property.

The park also has hydroponic gardens and greenhouses.

Additionally, it has an open-air Herb Garden. The produce of which is used at the resort’s restaurant.

The highlight of the park are the Manobo Tribe Houses. The houses give guests a glimpse into the life of the locals in the area.

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