June 18, 2024

Enjoying the Cool Breeze in Tacloban City’s MacArthur Park

One of the most popular and most-visited tourist spots in Eastern Visayas is the MacArthur Landing Memorial (Park). Located in Palo, Leyte, the park sits just a few kilometers from Tacloban City.

The park is popular for its historical significance. It was where the famous landing of American general Douglas MacArthur (and his group) in Leyte Gulf took place.

As you all already know, the landing is an important part of the history of the Philippines. According to history books, McArthur’s landing marked the end of Japanese rule in the Philippines.

The MacArthur  Park sits on Red Beach in Barangay Candahug in Leyte.

The park houses 7 double-life-sized figures. They represent the 7 people who arrived in the Philippines during the landing. The group arrived at the start of America’s campaign to beat the Japanese forces.

In front of the statues are two markers (in Cebuano and in English). The markers explain the significance of the event to the history of the country.

During the landing, MacArthur was joined by Lt. General Richard Sutherland, Maj. General Courtney Whitney, and radio correspondent William J. Dunn. Also present were President Sergio Osmeña, Brig. General Carlos P. Romulo, and Sgt. Francisco Salveron.


Today, Red Beach is very quiet and pretty. However, it was very different when McActur’s group arrived years ago. In fact, this beach was given this name due to the amount of blood spilled on it during the World War!

Today, the Red Beach has been transformed into a sea-side park. The park has big open spaces where people can relax and enjoy.

Have you been to this park?

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