January 19, 2022

Meeting Mindanao at the Philippine Eagle Center

The Philippine Eagle Center in Davao City is the conservation and breeding facility of the Philippine Eagle Foundation. The center houses some of the remaining Philippine eagles in the Philippines. Each year, thousands of people visit the center to see the eagles.

The Philippine Eagle Center aims to teach people about eagles. Additionally, the center also hopes to make people understand how important and useful they are.

Recently,  Cebu Pacific decided to adopt Mindanao. This means that the company will shoulder the expenses needed to keep Mindanao healthy and well. Also, this means that Mindanao will be well taken care of in the next couple of years.

Here are some of my photos during this special event.

The Philippine Eagle Center is located in Malagos, Baguio District in the city of Davao. The center serves as a breeding and conservation facility of the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

The facility is kept safe, clean, and peaceful to protect all the animals in the area.

During the event, Philippine Eagle ‘Mindanao’ was introduced to the members of the press.

Here is Mindanao posing right next to an info board about him.

Take a look at how cool Mindanao looks.

Philippine Eagle Mindanao

Later, Mindanao showed the crowd just how big his feathers and wings were.

Philippine Eagle Mindanao

Philippine Eagle Mindanao

No one was allowed to approach Mindanao for some photos. This was because Mindanao wasn’t used to seeing a lot of people gathered around him.

Philippine Eagle Mindanao

However, Mindanao’s official handler offered to take the photos instead. He was the only one who could go near him close enough for a close-up shot.

Mindanao just looks so lovely, don’t you think?

Philippine Eagle Mindanao

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