June 18, 2024

Exploring Bucas Grande’s Kanlanuk Bay

After visiting the beautiful Sohoton Cove and the amazing Hidden Island Resort, our next stop was Kanlanuk Bay. Kanlanuk Bay is one of the most-visited spots on the island of Bucas Grande in Surigao del Norte. This local tourist spot on the western tip of the island is frequented not only by locals but by tourists as well.

I got a chance to explore Kanlanuk Bay during a quick stop during our Socorro tour. Although my time here was brief, I must say that I truly enjoyed the sights and scenes of Kanlanuk. If I can, I would definitely want to visit again in the future.

Here are some of my photographs of this lovely local favorite.

When we arrived, a boat was already docked at the small jetty. So, we docked at the back of this boat and climbed onto it to get to shore.

This is what Kanlanuk Bay looks like. It’s one of the most gorgeous sights I’ve seen in Surigao.

What makes the bay even more gorgeous is the fact that the other end is rocky. 

This photo board near the jetty gives visitors a quick glimpse into some of the many natural wonders that Kanlanuk has to offer.

After a few minutes of walking, we saw this sign which told us that there was a waterfall nearby. How cool!


Of course, we decided to check it out. And a few minutes later, we were there. 

I have to say that the waterfall looks lovely!


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