April 21, 2024
LEY - Museo Ilocos Norte

Museo Ilocos Norte: What’s Inside?

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably joining me on my great adventure in Ilocos! Today, we’ll explore Museo Ilocos Norte, one of the region’s most visited destinations. The beautiful province of Ilocos Norte in the northern tip of the Philippines is famous for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and, of course, its incredible food. But for any visitor, a trip to Ilocos Norte wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this lovely museum.

Museo Ilocos Norte

Museo Ilocos Norte is a must-visit for anyone who wants to do a deep dive into the fascinating culture and traditions of the Ilocano people. So, come along with me as we explore the halls of the Museo Ilocos Norte and discover the treasures that lie within!

Welcome to Museo Ilocos Norte. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Museo Ilocos Norte is housed inside an old tabacalera or tobacco warehouse. Located right in the heart of Laoag City, the museum is just a short distance from the Provincial Capitol.

According to our tour guide, the museum aims to encourage Iloconos, especially the young ones, to take pride in their roots and colorful history.

Exploring Museo Ilocos Norte

The museum is not massive but it is carefully divided into different sections. This section talks about the various tools and machines that Ilocanos use on the daily. This section also discusses the various livelihood sources for the locals.

The diorama displayed inside the museum was one of my favorites. This one depicts the various infrastructures that are unique to Ilocos Norte.

Pottery is an important industry in Ilocos. As a matter of fact, this was also highlighted in Museo San Nicoleno, the very first museum that we visited during this trip.

Food plays a very important role in Ilocano culture. This section pays homage to the various crops, food, and plants that Ilocanos grow and enjoy.

Of course, when we talk about food, it is impossible to discuss it without also talking about cooking. Ilocano cooking is one of the best in the country. And that’s coming from someone who is so picky it’s embarrassing. 🙂

Aside from food, textile is also very important to Ilocanos.

This chart shows the various weaving pattern found in various parts of Ilocos. Take a look at these unique patterns!

The kalesa is a prominent mode of transportation in Ilocos. This one is a typical kalesa, many of which are still used to this day in the region.

Ilustrado House

At the end of the warehouse is one of the most massive museum pieces I’ve ever seen – a replica of a two-storey house!

The house inside the museum is a replica of an ilustrado house. Ilustrados were the early Filipinos who belonged to the educated class during the Spanish colonial period.

Showing the Filipinos’ deep faith, you can see several religious symbols in various parts of the house.

LEY - Museo Ilocos Norte

The main living room is spacious and festive. It has big windows to ensure that the area is cool even during summer months.

LEY - Museo Ilocos Norte

The dining area is simple but elegant. In the middle is a 7-piece wooden dining set that could seat 6 people at a time.

LEY - Museo Ilocos Norte

The typical bedroom is quiet and comfortable – two basic requirements for a restful sleep.

LEY - Museo Ilocos Norte

In the kitchen, this local tool holds both the cooking pot and the wood.

LEY - Museo Ilocos Norte

The museum also has various implements found inside the house including a hot iron.

LEY - Museo Ilocos Norte

Similar to other simpler Filipino kitchens, this one also has a banggera or that small area where you could hang newly-washed dishes to dry.

LEY - Museo Ilocos Norte

In the kitchen, people can also usually see the weaving machine. According to our guide, this was because the women of the house enjoyed weaving after cooking in the kitchen.

LEY - Museo Ilocos Norte

Right below the house is a souvenir shop that sells various Ilocano items and products. I swear, I miss Vietnam so much that I also ended up buying that hat in the photo! 🙂

LEY - Museo Ilocos Norte

Now we’re done with our third stop. I hope you stick around because I’m releasing a new blog about my next destination in the coming days. So stay tuned! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to get notified whenever I post new content. Thank you!


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