June 18, 2024
LEY - Laoag Cathedral Sinking Bell Tower cover

In Awe of the Laoag Cathedral and its Sinking Bell Tower

After visiting the lovely Museo Ilocos Norte, our next stop in our 2024 ILOCOS Region Super Adventure was the Laoag Cathedral and its Sinking Bell Tower.

Laoag Cathedral
Laoag Cathedral

The sun was high in the sky in Laoag City as we made our way to the famous St. William’s Cathedral. Everyone loved the stunning Laoag Cathedral, but the real draw for me was the giant beside it – the Sinking Bell Tower.

Sinking Bell Tower
Sinking Bell Tower

Towering over the whole city, the bell tower is a sight to behold. And despite the intense mid-day heat, I couldn’t help but gaze at it. The aged bricks whispered stories of centuries past, and the slight tilt gave it an air of mystery. According to our guide, in the past, the locals could ride a horse through the entrance. Today, even entering requires a bit of a duck! That’s how deep it has sunk.

Sinking Bell Tower

I was told that we could climb up the winding staircase. However, seeing that going up would be a total workout, I’m glad that we didn’t actually do it. The view from the top would be great, that’s for sure. But seeing the tower from the ground was more than enough.

Despite the current state of the famous Sinking Bell Tower of Laoag, it isn’t a sad sight. No, not at all. Instead, it is a reminder of the enduring spirit of Laoag, a city that has weathered storms (literal and metaphorical) for centuries. It’s a place steeped in history, and this unique landmark perfectly captures that sense of resilience.

If you’re ever in Ilocos Norte, don’t miss your chance to see this wonderful piece of Philippine history. It’s not hard to miss. After all, it is a bell tower. 🙂


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