June 18, 2024
Ley - Mist

The Mist: A Chic Dining Destination in Panglao, Bohol

I must let you all know that even before we traveled to Panglao in Bohol, I was already aware that MIST was a thing. How? Because I always saw it on my Facebook feed. Apparently, Facebook knows what lies deep in my heart – good food and adventure.

So imagine my surprise (and excitement) when I got an invite to cover an event on the island of Bohol. Upon reading the itinerary, I learned that we were staying for two days in Panglao. And one of our stops for food was the much-talked-about MIST. Of course, I said yes to the invitation. It isn’t every day that you get invited to visit some of the places that you only get to see on your mobile screen.

So, long story short, we finished the event and it was time for some hearty lunch at MIST. To be honest, although I was starving, I didn’t really care much about the food. What I wanted to do was see the restaurant up close. Was the restaurant going to blow my mind? Were the thousands of people blabbing about the place being completely honest? Was I going to be disappointed? I guess there was only one way to find out!

So this is our first look at MIST. It’s generally made of natural materials which makes it very striking. I mean, look at it! Aren’t you intrigued?

Mist is perfect for an island like Bohol. With the beach just several strides away, there is nothing better than enjoying a fancy meal with the breeze on your face. Doesn’t that sound magical?

Here’s a look at the three-story restaurant from the side. I like how they incorporated bamboo and all those other greens into the design. It makes the restaurant more vibrant.

One look at the interiors of the restaurant and you’ll know that it’s targeting the Genz-Millenial crowd. I mean, look at all those IG-worthy spots!

The restaurant has seating for couples, small groups, big groups, and even lone diners. Additionally, each dining spot is so unique you’ll definitely want to whip out your phone to get a selfie.

Another interesting thing about the restaurant is that it has this wooden slide. Looks pretty. But judging from how upright it is, I’m pretty sure it has seen curious diners with bloody knees or foreheads. I’m kidding.

Whether those hanging plants are real or not, it doesn’t matter anymore. Look at how gorgeous that looks!

Also, on the third floor, you can find an air-conditioned room with glass walls. I know the island can be quite warm at times but, really? Eat in your hotel room if you really need AC while murdering a whole burger. I kid.

On the other side is an open-air section that gives diners a good view of the surroundings. I like this area better.

Here’s another favorite – a room with bean bags and a small table in the middle. Imagine chilling and just dozing off in the late afternoon in this spot with your buddies. How cool.

Finally, a look at the lower flowers before finally going down for lunch.

Now, I said that I was hungry. But I didn’t even remember eating. In fact, all I know was that I took photos of the place and just three dishes (we got many). So here goes.

Don’t ask me if they tasted good because I couldn’t remember. At least they look really sumptuous, right?

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