August 4, 2020

Experiencing the Mesmerizing Alleyways of Jiufen

On our third day in Taiwan, we found ourselves traveling toward the Northeastern Coast. Our first stop was the amazing Jiufen Old Street. Located several hundred feet above sea level, this lovely little village is visited by millions each year because of its unique charm and features.

For the uninitiated, the Jiufen Old Street is famous the world over for its mesmerizing network of foot paths and alleyways. Lined with stores, cafes, restaurants, and service shops, the famous alleyway is home to some of Taiwan’s most popular ‘pasalubongs’ or souvenir items. And if you’re an anime fan, you might find Jiufen familiar as it served as the inspiration for some scenes in the animation flick Spirited Away.

Take a look at the captivatingly beautiful Jiufen Old Street and find out why you should book a trip to this lovely destination now!

After more than an hour of uphill ascent, our bus finally came to a halt. From the looks of it, it’s quite a busy day at Jiufen.

Beautiful view of the lowlands and ocean below.

Our KKDay Tour Guide giving us last minute instructions before we were allowed to roam free for around 2 hours.

Entering the alleyways of Jiufen. You will see all kinds of merchandise.

Most of the locators, however, are restaurants, cafes, or specialty stores.

Despite its small size, the alleyways are organized, clean, and safe.

Tourists come in droves in Jiufen. But if your tour group comes early, you’ll have plenty of time to take amazing photos of the place.

Posing at one of the tiny alleyways the lead to more shops, hotels, and restaurants.

Another shot at the viewing deck which gives visitors a clear and unobstructed view of the lowlands and the towns below.

Finally, it was time to eat. We got pork with egg and soup with meatballs. The taste was heavenly.

And of course, we had to try the famous Taiwan Milktea because everyone keeps saying that it is the best! And we agree!

Restaurants attracting tourists by hanging different flags in the interior.

Steamed balls of goodness displayed along the alleyways.

The strawberry mochis were a huge hit.

We brought some and they were really good!

Fried meat and seafood to go!

Grilled shells were also quite popular.

Some stores sell pre-packed food items. Perfect pasalubong!

Most stores offer free taste of their products. Simply hold out your hand and they’ll give you a bite.

After a full two hours of walking, exploring, eating and shopping, it was finally time to return to our KKD bus. Thank you for this fun and very well-organized tour, KKDay! You’re the best!

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