April 21, 2024

A Day of Adventure at the Sun Moon Lake

It was still 5 am but Ian and I were already up. The Sun Moon Lake was a long way from where we were. We had to be at the train station at 6 am as we needed to catch a very early train to Taichung via the High-Speed Rail. By 5:45 am, we were already outside our hostel (夾腳拖的家 FlipFlopHostel) and well on our way to the Main Station. We wanted to have enough time to look for our platform and maybe grab some food along the way.

An Early Start

Securing the ticket was no easy feat. Thankfully, my buddy Ian is a master when it comes to securing tickets and getting directions. Basically, he’s the best travel partner you could ever hope for (especially if you’re bad at getting tickets and asking for directions.) Also, huge thanks to KKDay because their tour packages are hassle-free and just 100% reliable.

Anyway, finally, after several minutes of looking for the right ticket window, we found the correct one and we finally got our tickets. This is so exciting!

A quick pose before our train arrives. Haha!

Here is our one-way ticket to Taichung. If you’re buying tickets, be sure to have your passport ready at all times!

The train ride was awesome. It was smooth and I probably slept most of the time. We were already close to the station when I woke up and saw Ian busily texting someone on his phone. It was Angel, our tour guide for our Sun Moon Lake Tour. She was making sure that we were on our way because the other guests were already there. Uh-oh!

As soon as the train stopped, we raced towards the parking lot where the tour van was waiting. And true enough, everyone was already there. We apologized and everyone just smiled.

Sun Moon Lake Tour

As the tour van moved, our tour guide talked in English and Chinese. She was basically telling us what to expect, what we should do, and what our schedule for the whole day was. Less than 2 hours later, we finally reached Nantou County.

Posing like I wasn’t about to puke my guts out.

We were given two hours to explore the area using the bikes that we rented out. It was exciting!

Unfortunately, Ian doesn’t know how to ride a bike so he ended up taking photos of the spots, instead.

Well, the view was amazing, so Ian was pretty fine with it.

I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed the amazing bike track. It was glorious!

This viewing deck is just amazing. I hope they build something like this here in Cebu.

Here’s a 180 of the beautiful Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan’s biggest fresh-water lake.

Two hours later, our tour guide announced that it was time to go. On our way back to the tour van, however, we caught glimpse of these cherry blossoms. Of course, we had to take photos!

And a couple of poses. Haha.

Well, yeah, when we got back, everyone was wondering what took us so long. But they were all very friendly and understanding. I’m glad we had such a fun group!

The Yacht Tour

Our next stop was the yacht tour on Sun Moon Lake. However, as soon as the boat left the dock, it started raining cats and dogs and we couldn’t shoot anything. So we spent the rest of the cruise just talking and laughing and enjoying the whole experience.

Will be posting about my other adventures in Taiwan soon. Stay tuned!

Taiwan tour via KKDay here: https://bit.ly/3nshnsg
Book a flight to Taiwan via AirAsia here: https://goo.gl/SFnhZM

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