June 18, 2024
LEY - Bag of Beans

In Love with Bag of Beans Tagaytay

I was extremely happy when the host announced that we were finally approaching Tagaytay proper. You see, this was my first time in Tagaytay and this part of Luzon. And as a true-blue Cebuano, visiting the places that I only get to see on TV always gets me excited. “Are we going to see the lake and the volcano right away?” I asked the host. He promptly shook his head. He said, “This one’s even better!”

I was confused. What could be better than the famous lake and volcano? And as our van pulled up in front of this restaurant along the road, I had a feeling that it had something to do with food.

True enough, we were at Bag of Beans Tagaytay – a true institution when it comes to Tagaytay’s bustling dining scene. Considered one of the city’s most popular tourist traps (and for a good reason), Bag of Beans is basically a staple in every Tagaytay City itinerary.

Bag of Beans

As our host was explaining this, I couldn’t help but wonder. Was he just overhyping this place? He literally made all of us expect nothing but the best. Will we be disappointed? Will I be impressed? These were the thoughts that raced through my mind as we got off the van. And as we entered Bag of Beans Tagaytay for the very first time, I found out exactly what our host meant.

According to our host, Bag of Beans is everyone’s go-to spot when in Tagaytay. In fact, he said that no trip to Tagaytay is ever complete without a stop at Bag of Beans.

See those colorful umbrellas? Well, a lot of restaurants have that now. But Bag of Beans already had them YEARS ago.

The awesome thing about Bag of Beans is that it doesn’t look and feel like a food place. While it primarily serves food, I believe Bag of Beans’ main selling point is its effort to make guests feel good and at home.

Bag of Beans

This is the main dining hall. But it doesn’t feel like one. Without the tables and chairs, this main hall would feel like the memorable living room in an ancestral home where you meet and hang out with your other cousins on weekends.

Bag of Beans

Another awesome thing about Bag of Beans is that it isn’t scared of taking care of minute details. All the intricate details within the complex – from the wall paint down to the smallest decor – help give the restaurant its unique vibe.

This area for example has so much life that it feels like it could be your very own reading nook.

Bag of Beans

Dining in the courtyard is also such a wonderful experience. I mean, just take a look at that!

Bag of Beans

They also have private ‘cabins’ where groups can dine with a little bit of privacy and a little more comfort.

The sound of this small fountain gives the restaurant a truly relaxing and safe atmosphere. It’s like dining if your very own private garden!

Bag of Beans

Even this glasswork hanging in the surrounding trees are so pretty!

And of course, let’s not forget the star of it all – the food. This breakfast plate was one of the best that I ever had. And that’s totally saying something since I’m not really a breakfast person.

Bag of Beans

Overall, with all the hype and praises that it’s getting, I would have to say Bag of Beans truly deserves them.

Bag of Beans

So, the next time you’re in Tagaytay City, there’s definitely one place you shouldn’t miss!

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